Learning methods

Studying, which is not effective can effectively discourage the further enrichment of knowledge. How to make new information easily memorable?

Difficulties remembering the material are often not the result of too little effort made in education process but of an improper approach to learning. The key issue here is choosing an appropriate, effective learning methods. The basis are well-prepared notes, which summarize and systematize the acquired knowledge.

It is obvious that the development of methods is a matter of individual preferences. More and more people are using modern methods. Some record key points with the voice recorder, others write them in text files. Few are faithful to the traditional notepads. Perhaps, therefore, more and more people have much trouble remembering. It turns out that the use of notes prepared on a computer changes the quality of learning.

The tests that were conducted by prof. Anne Mangen from the University of Stavanger and prof. Jean-Luc Velay from the University of Marseille show that the greatest learning effects are from hand-prepared notes. Writing in fact stimulates more brain areas than typing. It activates the areas responsible for speech or motor skills, and this affects the storage of recorded information.

This is confirmed by tests conducted by researchers. In the study, two groups of adults took part. The task for both was to learn the letter based on a new, unfamiliar alphabet consisting of 20 letters - one group wrote by hand, the other on the keyboard. During the study also MRI was done. Hand writing, activated more brain areas (including Brok’s area responsible for speech), from the other hand brain activity while using computers was minimal. After three and six weeks, additional memory tests were carried out.

The results were unequivocal. Those who focused on writing with pen remembered new alphabet better. What more, they could quickly distinguish letters from the mirror image. Although the learning process took more time (because the same handwriting is more time consuming than writing on a computer), remembering it came to them easily and brought lasting results. Computer deprives the brain because of impulse, which are important in the process of memorizing. Just touching pen with paper, regulating pressure and making line has great importance.

It turns out that any quick and easy solutions that technology offers, are good for us only superficially. They make our brain lazy and do not allow to properly perform its functions. Similar consequences for the brain have, for example, abandonment of the use of maps for car navigation. GPS can even lead to brain damage.