Cell phones and learning problems

From long time, scientists have been trying to prove that cell phones are harmful. Recently, they succeeded in proving that they have negative effect on the learning process in rats. Is there something to be worried about?

Studies conducted on rats, were done by scientists working for the German Ruhr-University. Like their predecessors, they explored the effects of electromagnetic fields on the body. Despite, it is still difficult to clearly determine how much they affect humans. Yet we know that heat, produced by phones is harmful to human body cells, especially the brain. It is believed that radiation can cause cells to develop tumors.

Recent studies done by the Germans showed that strong radiation interferes with functioning in rat’s brain cells. Besides, the electromagnetic fields from phone cause excessive stress hormone secretion. It also slows down the process of remembering and learning. As the nervous system of rats is very similar to humans, it is almost certain that waves interact with humans in the same way.

Since waves used in the experiments had greater intensity than average, researchers assume that ordinary cell phones do not have quite as negative effect on humans. If you use them in the normal way, you should have no reason to fear.

However, concerns may have, for example, soldiers or bodyguards who are constantly on the phone, and constantly have headphones on. With such intensity of radiation, the brain can suffer greatly.