Chewing gum returns to school

So far, chewing gum in school was perceived very negatively by teachers. Now its advantages started to be recognized. German educational institutions bring chewing gum back to life.

Where does the change come from? We were taught that chewing gum is a sign of poor upbringing and lack of culture. Teachers, however, saw the advantages that they believe outweigh the disadvantages. It turns out that children who chew gum are more focused on science, and thus have better results in school. Additionally, they unload the stress caused by tests. Chewing gum therefore is favorable to learning process, and this is what matters the most in each school.

And this is what Bavarian minister of education wants to promote. It is in Bavaria, where children are even encouraged to chew gum with a low sugar content. In addition to its salutary effects on the nervous tension, it is useful for oral hygiene. Especially after lunch at school when the child is not able to clean the teeth.

Minister of Education in Bavaria claims that the issue of introducing chewing gum is effectively handled by the appropriate rules. Contrary to what it looks like, children do not have problems with their compliance. Chewing gum is not sticked to chairs, and end up in special containers, in which are school desks equipped.