Do not reject self-taught

Many parents do not even realize how great of an individual their child is. Each baby has its own needs and tastes, and the role of parent is meeting their needs.

A perfect example of doing this is to promote interests of the child. Sometimes, the child’s tastes are shaped exclusively in one particular direction, are not always consistent with the expectations of parents. This may be a physical education, computer science or mathematics, but it might as well occupy completely unrelated to school activities. No matter, what the likes of your child are, you should support them and help realize its passion. Even if you think that playing football does not bring any benefits to the child, do not try to dissuade it of this hobby.

On the contrary, you should encourage your child to improve skills in the area, in which it is really good. Perhaps in time the passion will become a way of life and livelihoods? Many prominent specialists started from an amateur interest in a particular field. It is not excluded that in the future your child will join their group.

For this reason we should not in any way interfere with the interests of the child. We must not inevitably impose our will, much less to try to realize their unfulfilled ambitions, using the child.