School phobia

Many parents came in contact with this problem - a child announces that is sick, but as soon as it learns that it does not have to go to school, immediately returns to health. It is not necessarily a simulation.

Such cases are called school phobia. They affect everyone, regardless of temperament or academic performance. Ignoring it can have long-term consequences, impacting the entire live. It begins with constant aversion to school. Resistance accompanies every thought about going there. Finally, next to mental, physical symptoms appear: abdominal pain, headache, vomiting, insomnia, crying attacks.

School phobia

In school phobia, the problem is that it is sometimes neglected, or even often, seen as an attempt to fraud, extortion in order to simulate an exemption from school. But experts argue that such for example, abdominal pain, which goes away, when a child learns that it does not have to go to class, is as authentic as possible.

Reasons for the creation of school phobia are usually twofold:

  • the family situation, if it is stressful, and aggravating, the child takes these issues on the school ground
  • relationships with peers - play a major role in children over 12 year old, the way to make them correct is to integrate with others


While facing the problem of school phobia, primarily must be remembered that it can not be underestimated. No response or incorrect response from us will lead to reinforcment of child's negative emotions.